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Great amateur travel video in Karon Beach

17 Aug

I am planning a trip and have found that a look around on Youtube is a great way to get a sense of a place before you plan to visit, or book.

Amateur videos often provide the best insights into specific areas, and can be quite detailed.

Among my favourites is from the Youtube user “Trollslander” who provides us with the “top ten things to do in Karon Beach, Thailand”.

Something about his earnest delivery, combined with the headband and locally purchased t-shirt that suggests that he really knows his way around Thailand, creates the kind of humour you can’t plan.

The video starts as a fairly generic top-ten list, but the humour starts around 0:40 with our host’s innocent claim not to know what a ping pong bar is.

From about 6:00 things start to heat up and our host is torn between his undertaking to provide a quality travel video, and his taste for the local night life. Nothing seedy – just good clean boozy fun.

I genuinely think this is one of the best travel videos I have seen – I wish they were all this good.

I am going to Karon Beach and am hoping to do a remake of it.