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Nasty New Zealand accommodation providers who will benefit from Trip Advisor’s clean slate policy

9 Sep

The Sydney Morning Herald Reports that hotels listed on TripAdvisor will be able to “wipe their slate clean” after a major refurb or change in ownership.  I felt it was my responsibility to archive just a few disgraceful accommodation providers before they have their slate wiped clean.  The examples are all from the South Island – this is purely a coincidence.  I’m quite sure the North Island has some total shit-boxes too.  Indeed – they can be found all over the world.

Christchurch’s Ferry Motel

 The owners seem to be taking advantage of the lack of accommodation in Christchurch at the moment – some classic comments from guests below.

“Booked 4 weeks in advance, never seen the room as no one was there!!! Rang cellphone number, 0800 number and land line no answer.”

“Could hear the people in next room urinating.”

“I sprayed myself with insect repellant before I got into bed due to fear of bed bugs.”

“It was slightly better than sleeping in the car…but not much better.”

Picture of old looking kitchen

Guests estimate that the décor at the Ferry Motel dates to the 1960s or 70s, although this hasn’t been confirmed by the owner.

Greymouth’s Breeze Motel

Here’s one from my very own hometown of Greymouth.  Comments from guests at the Breeze Motel suggest that the owners are not attempting to build a brand – or that if they are, the brand values will include “dirty undies”.

 “rubbish out the back window complete with old underwear”.

I love this one…it leaves something to the imagination:

“Had to look for a toy under the bed and couldnt believe what I saw under there.”

A motel

The Breeze Motel – don’t look under the bed

Criterion Hotel, Blenheim

I have had a beer at the Criterion, and it is rough. However I might have liked it more at the time had I known that one could simply sleep in the hallway.

“Room fittings are broken or non existent, with holes either kicked or punched in room doors and a terrible smell pervading the corridor carpets (perhaps water seppage?)
It only proceeded to get worst, on finding a person sleeping on the corridor floor on the Sunday morning, perhaps a common practice there.”

A hotel

The Criterion – our criteria is simple: “as long as you don’t sleep in the public bar”

There was much hand-wringing in the tourism industry when TripAdvisor became popular, and it has been open to some manipulation by malicious competitors in the trade.  It also really rattled the cage of traditional quality assurance programmes in New Zealand like Qualmark.  Regardless of your views, I would rather know that my accommodation provider was going to traumatise me, as has happened to the guests providing the reviews above.