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Western Australia Tourism jump on lens-flare hipster video bandwagon

17 Aug

Western Australia Tourism has released its new marketing campaign, including videos that are firmly within the lens-flare hipster video canon.

It is a well known fact that more than 80% of all videos on the video sharing service Vimeo are lens-flare hipster videos, and the look is relatively easy to achieve.  Just use one or more of the below:

  • The eponymous lens-flare – achieved by filming into the sun, or during post-production
  • Washed out colours – reduce saturation on the video to give it a dreamy, slightly retro look
  • Add dreamy, ethereal music. Consider using anything that describes itself as “dream pop”
  • Hand held point of view shots – make sure you have some image stabilisation technology in play – you don’t actually want the footage to look hand held
  • Show some skin, but in a cool, sexy way.  Don’t just film a buxom bikini clad tourist on a lilo – make it arty
  • Render the video into a wide-screen format that would only fill the movie theater screen, ensuring that anyone watching the video sees the “letter-box” borders, implying that if the video was long enough, it would be at Sundance.

I think that Western Australia Tourism have used this approach well.  I’m ready to pack my leather backpack, ironic sandals, nautical t-shirt and boutique rum and get over to Perth. I’ll use my wife’s iPhone to replicate the video too.

I think that these videos go the extra mile in terms of the hipster romance element. These beautiful young people don’t kiss – they nuzzle.

Kooky Swiss national tourism marketing

21 Oct

This is the latest from the Swiss national tourist office.  National tourism marketing at its best (?).    Still not as cool as Iceland (so to speak).

Video link

Swiss man in a forest, looking at an ant-hill with the sub-title "See these ants"

Via Copyranter

What the f**k is my Social Media Strategy?

24 Aug

As with many industries, tourism has been inundated with Social Media blah blah.  This marvelous website… automatically generates Social Media Strategy ejaculate, “so you don’t have to”.

Example below… 

Thanks Mike, via Boingboing.

Lake Taupo – its pronounced ‘toe-paw’, dumbass

14 Aug

"Guest Blogger" Shawn the Prawn on Great Lake Taupo website

Lake Taupo has re-branded itself as Great Lake Taupo, except the ‘O’ has a macron over it, but I can’t work out how to do that.  The new website and branding can all be seen here.  Destination Lake Taupo, the Regional Tourism Organisation behind the brand, has sought to embrace elements of social media, with guest bloggers hosted on the the site and by inviting user generated content.

Knocking marketing ideas (and any ideas, come to that) is so easy and typical of bloggers and Kiwis alike.

I would rather be thought-provoking than outwardly negative.  Let’s see how long that lasts.

The people at Destination Lake Taupo are kicking things off with a video, which (I am informed) they hope will go viral – and it may…The video is below:

500 views and counting…

What makes a video go ‘viral’ and why is it so difficult for commercial organisations to achieve?  It is the kind of a Holy Grail of Internet marketing.  This presentation by Jonah Peretti, host of viral gatekeeper site BuzzFeed considers this very question. I have never embedded a presentation into a blog before – I hope it works…

Peretti attempts to distil the essence of what makes a video or other Internet morsel go viral.  This includes that:

  • It must be perfect for appealing to the all-powerful (in Internet terms) Bored at Work Network – the millions of bored souls who spend their work-day waiting for viral Internet fun to watch and forward.
  • They must enjoy forwarding it…It should be fun, easy to understand, easy to share, and have a social imperative.

Ok, probably no shocks there.  I don’t think Peretti has really cracked it for us, but its an interesting thing to begin thinking about.

I guess the question that I would pose in relation to the Great Lake Taupo video is…Would the average person (whoever they look like!) forward it to anyone?  Does it have that special sort of appeal of, say, a brick destroying a clothes drier (1.5 million views) or a total space-cadet tripping out over a double rainbow (10 million views!!!)?

However, how could a self-destructing appliance or double rainbow be relevant to a Lake-side resort town?  Answer: Obviously they can’t.  But what about a donkey going para-sailing?  Something to think about, Great Lake Taupo.

Great Lake Taupo trade and media site here.