Western Australia Tourism jump on lens-flare hipster video bandwagon

17 Aug

Western Australia Tourism has released its new marketing campaign, including videos that are firmly within the lens-flare hipster video canon.

It is a well known fact that more than 80% of all videos on the video sharing service Vimeo are lens-flare hipster videos, and the look is relatively easy to achieve.  Just use one or more of the below:

  • The eponymous lens-flare – achieved by filming into the sun, or during post-production
  • Washed out colours – reduce saturation on the video to give it a dreamy, slightly retro look
  • Add dreamy, ethereal music. Consider using anything that describes itself as “dream pop”
  • Hand held point of view shots – make sure you have some image stabilisation technology in play – you don’t actually want the footage to look hand held
  • Show some skin, but in a cool, sexy way.  Don’t just film a buxom bikini clad tourist on a lilo – make it arty
  • Render the video into a wide-screen format that would only fill the movie theater screen, ensuring that anyone watching the video sees the “letter-box” borders, implying that if the video was long enough, it would be at Sundance.

I think that Western Australia Tourism have used this approach well.  I’m ready to pack my leather backpack, ironic sandals, nautical t-shirt and boutique rum and get over to Perth. I’ll use my wife’s iPhone to replicate the video too.

I think that these videos go the extra mile in terms of the hipster romance element. These beautiful young people don’t kiss – they nuzzle.


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