I quit

16 Oct

I haven’t posted for a while.

The truth is that after 25+ years in or around the tourism industry, including washing dishes, going trout fishing, rafting, making coffee, pulling pints, washing more dishes, carving ham, making beds, baking bread, placing advertisements, selling advertisements, dropping off brochures, hiring DJs, bouncing, white water rafting, shagging backpackers, pouring wine, researching, studying, saving the planet, working for cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, backpackers, adventure operations, regional tourism organisations, industry associations, convention centres, foreign countries, NGOs, winners, losers, legends, assholes, I am not working in tourism any more.

I am charting a different course for now.

This doesn’t mean the end of my blog or, indeed, the end of my involvement in tourism.

For the last few months I have been tutoring a course in sustainable tourism at Victoria University of Wellington. I really wanted to share some of my experience with the young folks down there. Bit patronising but there you go. It has been a great experience. Not so great this weekend as I am marking assignments.

I feel like I have had a bit of a break from the blog now so hopefully some more coming for my two followers (including my sister).


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