What makes Internet marketing cool and not lame..?

25 Mar

Understanding what makes a successful internet and/or social media campaign is a kind of modern holy grail of marketing. Increasingly it is causing tourism commentators (among others) to gaze deep into their naval pondering the question: “What makes a campaign cool, and not lame?”. I find this a very interesting question and worth thinking about.

I find it can be instructive to look outside of the tourism industry.

Johnny Cupcakes is a clothing label with a strong online presence and has done bl00dy well. Why is it successful?

I reckon its because its fun as sh1t. Fun to watch, I mean. That’s crucial. Yeah…Blast people in the face with cupcakes – in slow mo. Spot on.

People can also ‘belong’ to the Johnny Cupcakes label – its a community of sorts. Check out their blog if you want proof. It hardly ever talks about the clothes – its a movement (albeit a frivolous one).

Check out all these hipsters waiting for a new London store to open. Foppish haircuts, anyone?

Middle-class hipsters waiting for Johnny Cupcakes London to open its doors

I think the Cupcakes Cannon campaign from Johnny Cupcakes is pretty bloody ace. Check it out (above). Think…What makes this cool? I don’t think its as mysterious as one might think.


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