Flying into (and out of) Wellington

10 Sep

Argh.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to Marlborough this week.  Normally I take the ferry as low-carbon option, but time was against me on this occasion  so I flew Sounds Air who fly from Wellington to Koromiko (Picton).  I have flown in and out of Wellington all of my life and have had some rough flights, but never have I experienced the roller coaster that I got to enjoy leaving the city on this occasion.  I did film it (see video below) but it fails to capture the awesomeness of the experience.

We had to wait for half an hour till it was “less dangerous” to fly.  And when we did…I am trying to hold the camera steady.

Oh let’s take this a bit further.  This is a classic old youtube video of planes landing at Wellington Airport. It is like this more often than one would expect.  Used to love it when a kid – not so much now.  Some cool old planes too…Ansett you beauty.

And while we are the topic of adventurous departures from our fair Capital City: This is a ferry leaving Wellington in a Southerly…I didn’t film it but the people who did are quite excited about it all.


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