Flight attendant quits by jumping down emergency slide

10 Aug

Steven Slater in happier times

So this flight attendant gets into a tizz with someone flying on his plane and decides he has had enough of his job.  The guy grabs a six-pack of beers from the galley, opens the emergency exit and activates the slide, de-planes with the beer under his arm and walks to his car parked in the employee parking area.

We probably all have an image of a male flight attendant in our minds…And can just picture this emotional scene.

Turns out the guy got arrested and may go to jail.  Airports don’t have a very good sense of humour.

Read about it here.

UPDATE: ‘Next Media’ animation in Taiwan have provided an animated account of Slater’s “Epic Bail”…Including going home to give his partner a “hug”. Via boingboing.  It is great.


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