Motel Association New Zealand Conference

3 Aug
Pedal powered washing machine

One of my suggestions for achieving energy efficiency in the motel sector

I was fortunate to attend the Motel Association New Zealand Conference, where I spoke on sustainability issues and, in particular, how to save money by being more efficient in the areas of energy, water and waste. I had a tough slot, between the Rugby World Cup 2011 CEO Martin Sneddon and a policeman. Between them they covered rugby, prostitution, P-manufacture, rugby (again) and terrorism. Turning off lights and reducing hot water flow doesn’t quite measure up in this context but I gave it my best shot.

Feedback was good. It was good to meet some friendly faces, in particular John Gilbertson from Nelson who is a stalwart in the motel industry in New Zealand. I remember visiting his motel when I was doing research for my thesis and he had a control panel for all the heating and appliances in his motel. If a guest was ungrateful in any way he could freeze them in the night, or pop their toast before it was fully done (although John never did this of course).

I also caught up with Nigel and his wife Fiona from the Anchorage Motel in Te Anau. These guys are big time green operators, and Nigel told me about the realities of generating solar hot water for his motel.

I like motel operators – they are keeping it real, and it was a good trip to the MANZ conference.

You can see a copy of my presentation here.


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